Star Wars Forces of Destiny: A little short

Star Wars is undergoing a big old evolutionary process at the moment. With a new movie trilogy, spin-off films, new stars, new games and plenty of new merchandise, Disney has put its tremendous power behind the franchise and is reaching out in every direction. Naturally, one of those directions is more female representation and more female fans- and rightfully so. The average Star Wars fan is male, but tons of girls and women go to see these films and enjoy them, so it’s only natural that such a big, diverse universe cater to a more diverse audience. However…this isn’t how I think you should do it.

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Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid: In print and on the screen

One of my most favourite recent anime and also manga source material is Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. With a combination of warm familial themes, a level of mature awareness about the nature of its relationships, and its free spirit, the series is definitely something I love. This is just a short little write-up about some things I think about it.

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The Softer Representation: Looking for LGBT Allegory and finding Ambigory???

Representation is important. Any individual wants to see themselves in the art and culture presented by society, fiction included. To be a part of the world is to be noticed, to be included, but also the manner of representation tells us how society perceives its minorities- or doesn’t, as the case may be. This is why positive role models are sought by minorities of every race, gender, orientation, culture and religion.  People want to point to such examples and rely on them to bring society together, to prevent the spread of negative stereotypes that damage relationships. But on a more personal level, I think that representation can have a powerful effect on the individual, especially when it comes to gender identity and sexual orientation. These deep, innate parts of us are very tricky for representation blatantly due to antiquated norms, restrictive guidelines and just a lack of intimate understanding of the subject. Spoiler Warning for bunch of stuff.

That’s where allegory comes in. Note: This was embarrassing and emotional for me to write and I don’t think it makes a terrible amount of sense, so I apologize in advance if I piss you off and I hope we can still be friends.

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Recommending Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters

There was Pokemon, and then there was Digimon. If you knew one as a 90s kid, you knew the other. The similar names, evolving monsters, trading cards and merch placed the two franchises as perfect schoolyard rival material…or not, if you just liked both like me. Decades later the latest iteration of Digimon has hit TV screens, and with 38 episodes under my belt I thought I’d give a bit of a spiel on it.

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Re:Creators: Comments on first half and speculation

When an original anime with an action theme, interesting staff, a banging soundtrack and two cours to play with bounces onto people’s screens, you can bet the fandom will notice. Twelve episodes in and this unusual show has sprouted in a lot of different directions. What follows are some of my unsolicited opinions coupled with a few guesses on where the second half will go. SPOILERS naturally!

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I Expected More: Musings on female writers that let me down

Everyone’s heard of Twilight, or Fifty Shades. Either you’re a fan of them or you wouldn’t touch them with a ten-foot pole. Books written by women as self-indulgent sex-oriented fantasies are a long-standing tradition in commercial fiction, and there’s plenty of examples of anime and manga with similar content and concept. But what about when it comes to my jam, actual fantasy as a genre, as well as sci-fi? Well, when the story isn’t as transparent, these sorts of writing goals and concepts can take on a nasty quality. Content Warning: Rape

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Anime and Piracy: How we justify our plunder

If you’re into anime and manga and have been a fan for a while, chances are you’ve been naughty and stolen something! Of course, everyone has at some point. This is a little look at how the foreign fandom has engaged with anime access and a bit of speculation on personal ethics. This is very informal and probably garbage not worth writing, but hey:

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