Anime Lesbians: The muddled affairs of Yuri

So, here’s a hot-button topic: Lesbians in anime! To anyone who participates in discussion online about anime and manga and keeps abreast of modern series, the subject of homosexual girls is a pretty common recurring issue. The depiction of the gay girls and their gayness gets argued about a fair bit, as well as celebrated by some and decried by others. With this blog I wanna talk a bit about different couples, different shows, different ways of handling the subject and the nature of the beast itself. Big disclaimer- these are JUST my opinions and there is NO way I could possibly have a comprehensive knowledge of everything ever related to this topic! My eyes are limited by the horizon, I cannot see beyond the curvature of the gay Earth. Anyhoo-

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The Transformed Earth and Our Children: Land of the Lustrous, Nier and the future

Science fiction and fantasy are powerful genres, capable of crafting a world from pure imagination. The most popular iterations of both tend to focus on settings that represent a pure, disconnected reality from our own (Star Wars, Lord of the Rings) Another angle, more common in SF but still possible in fantasy, is linking our own world and mundane reality to a more magical or bizarre one, using the great powers and fears of humanity to twist and reshape our Earth into a new form, something that speaks to the audience with its unique attributes yet dangles the familiar before our eyes. The most interesting part of that also is the way the inhabitants adapt to this new world, and the way it adapts to them! It makes me wonder about our future and our descendants, or rather, the ones who come after us, whoever they may be. Warning, this one’s pretty rambly.

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Creepy or Kind: Recovery of an MMO Junkie and exploring boundaries in relationships

“There’s no such thing as a love story that isn’t problematic in some form.” I don’t agree with that, but sometimes it’s a feeling I get when reading romance that they tend to be looser with personal boundaries than other fiction. Because romance is a part of sexual intimacy, it’s important to pay extra attention to any lessons on behaviour it might impart, so a lot of people are quite sensitive about it. This is good though, because it’s true that bad fiction can leave people with warped ideas about courtship and expressing romantic feelings. However, there’s no such thing as universal standards, only an idea of a consensus about how you should behave, and because of that it can be hard to gauge if something is dodgy or not. So when a romantic comedy anime I liked was criticized, I immediately went back to see if I could puzzle out and identify any problematic or troubling elements. I think this is a worthy quest and should be taken seriously, and it’ll teach us more about story construction regardless. So, let’s take a look at the currently airing MMO Junkie and see what we can discover.

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Bikkis and Beatos: Princess Principal and Symphogear

A new franchise introduced to TV screens and streaming this past season, Princess Principal is a treat of an action girl anime. With a detailed and interesting setting, a well-rounded and likeable cast and some great action sequences, it captured the interest of audiences and and set out a great groundwork for a larger story. With its first season complete, I’d like to talk a bit about it, and another, more established action-heavy girl-centric anime that’s currently up to four seasons, Symphogear, and maybe how the two can learn from each other.

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Rewrite Thoughts and Comments: The odd man out

When it comes to Visual Novels I don’t really have a deep level of experience. They’re quite long and have complex histories, fandoms, and origins. The language barrier that prevents some from being translated is also an issue, though as time passes eventually more stuff sees the light of day. One such well-known visual novel is Rewrite. Rewrite interested me with its setting and premise, so I gave it a whirl, though its ups and downs led to it taking me a very long time to finish the game. Now that I have, I thought I’d explain my thoughts. There’s spoilers, but not too much. Hopefully.

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Shirobako, New Game, Stella, Seiyuu: Workin’ it out

Cute girls doing cute things is a pretty big staple in anime. Cute girls are cute and universally appealing, after all! Well, maybe. However the “doing stuff” part of the equation is often targeted for flack because people suspect any hobby or interest to be superficially-presented and not really get into the nitty-gritty of things. With this short blog I wanna make a some comments on four shows that feature cute girls involved in industries and cultures related to nerdy hobbies, like anime and games. These are pretty close to people’s hearts online and there’s lots of overlap, so the way the shows portray their “cute things” is kind of important since that’s how you make the show’s tribulations feel legit.

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Made in Abyss: A history of going down

Made in Abyss is an incredibly atmospheric and adventurous anime, based on a manga all about going down a big hole. Since I love me some fantastical adventure, this blog entry is a fairly long ramble on other stories and concepts that make such adventures feel so absorbing and moody.

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