Front Mission 3: Onii-chan’s Big Adventure

Over a decade and a half ago, Square released a game called Front Mission 3 for the Playstation. It was the third title in a series of strategy RPGs with a sci-fi mecha theme, and one which had a spotty history of localization. In a stroke of luck for me, 3 was released in English and I had a chance to play it, thus changing my life forever.

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Introductory Post


On Twitter, I’m PunishedHag, but here you can just call me Hag. I’m a writer of much crap and stories, so I figured making a blog to dump some stuff would be a good idea. To start with I’m putting up my serial informal story, Rainy Weather Story (oy) to this place as it’ll be more aesthetically pleasing than pastebin. I also intend to do a write-up about the Persona franchise as I experienced it. Then, who knows? Probably nothing else, I’ll forget about this page pretty quickly.

So look forward to short-lived excitement and me posting more words than you’ve ever seen me post before!