Rewrite Thoughts and Comments: The odd man out

When it comes to Visual Novels I don’t really have a deep level of experience. They’re quite long and have complex histories, fandoms, and origins. The language barrier that prevents some from being translated is also an issue, though as time passes eventually more stuff sees the light of day. One such well-known visual novel is Rewrite. Rewrite interested me with its setting and premise, so I gave it a whirl, though its ups and downs led to it taking me a very long time to finish the game. Now that I have, I thought I’d explain my thoughts. There’s spoilers, but not too much. Hopefully.

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Shirobako, New Game, Stella, Seiyuu: Workin’ it out

Cute girls doing cute things is a pretty big staple in anime. Cute girls are cute and universally appealing, after all! Well, maybe. However the “doing stuff” part of the equation is often targeted for flack because people suspect any hobby or interest to be superficially-presented and not really get into the nitty-gritty of things. With this short blog I wanna make a some comments on four shows that feature cute girls involved in industries and cultures related to nerdy hobbies, like anime and games. These are pretty close to people’s hearts online and there’s lots of overlap, so the way the shows portray their “cute things” is kind of important since that’s how you make the show’s tribulations feel legit.

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